Keeping a business on the right side of the Law.

If business occurred in a vacuum where all that mattered was concluding a sale, then perhaps we'd all be millionaires. There are so many different aspects to running a successful business operation that it is almost unavoidable to be confronted with legal problems at some point. business and law are closely linked because, from the get go, you need to get registered and possess a license to operate. Not only that. As your business grows it might be financially prudent to make investments that'll involve acquiring interests in other companies or merging with other more successful ventures. Whatever the case, having a good business lawyer is a step in the right direction.

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Core responsibilities

A business lawyer basically handles all the legal related matters of a business. What are these you may ask? Some of the core responsibilities of a business lawyer include

* The drafting, interpretation and enforcement of contracts. A contract -though often couched in simple notions of offer and acceptance- can very easily be a source of contention.

* Liquidation. Companies go broke ALL the time. A good lawyer can assist you with the liquidation process and possibly even help you save your business without having to sell valuable assets.

* Overseas transactions. When transacting with overseas companies there is always the possibility of being defrauded. To curb this banks use documentary letters of credit to facilitate the ease of doing business abroad. For such, you will surely need a business lawyer.

* Securities registration and transfer.

* Takeovers

* Alternative dispute resolution

* Shares

* Property acquisition

Experience Counts

Like is any other professional field, legal experience counts for something. A lawyer who is able to use the system to your advantage is what you really need. It's not about evading the law as such, as that can lead to various legal headaches. However, if something as innocent as contributing to a charitable cause can lead to healthy tax deductibles, then where's the wrong in that when some people are evading tax altogether.

Leave Him To It!

Don't poke your nose into almost every single legal issue, leave him to it. Most people assume that they know the law simply because they can reason out a few details here and there. As a result, most of these business owners end up strong-arming their attorneys into certain untenable positions that are against the law. Try to exert as little pressure as possible and you'll find that you'll have an excellent working relationship throughout.

Save In The Long run

Don't be in the habit of looking up a lawyer every time you land into trouble. Besides the hassle of actually finding a "good" attorney, there's also the legal costs to contend with. Instead, why not hire a legal advisor on a permanent basis. A hefty monthly salary might be a daunting task for the accounting department, but it will save you a lot more in the long run.

The relationship between business and law is very interesting to say the least. Like all good relationships, it needs to be nurtured.